A Look Back at the Time When Analog Stole Digital’s Fame

Analog circuit trainingThe times were 1970s and 1980s when the students thought that mathematics and simple digital logic looked better than the differential functions that used to describe certain analog properties: a time when they probably didn’t have access to the fun of free electronics videos. The twin Ms – monolithic memories and microprocessors took hold of headlines. They were ruling the world and started converting nearly all the academic and commercial electronics into digital paradigm.

This digitization also escorted the increase of digital signal processing. This is the idea that everything must be converted from analog to digital as soon as possible and also must be processed in the digital domain for longer before being converted back to analog to compel a kind of exhibition, and speaker or actuator as well.

Nevertheless, in those days the matter of energy consumption typically was not the first thing people consider about. Nowadays, it is one of the pivotal concerns worldwide. And who can say that it is more acceptable to be extravagant with digital transistor hacks. And this caused a return to using more analog circuit or a move to neuromorphic computing style. Now, with increasing global competition in the context of financial limitations of digital electronics, especially when it is about the consumers, the digital world has become a ground less attractive to play on.

Thus, some companies started drifting towards analog. For them MEMS and sensors were the places to survive. But there was no place to be satisfied. Competition is coming with full vigor as it was in the period of digital province. We are in all probability in a phase of analog supremacy, at the same place where digital was in the 1990s and 2000s.


Analog vs. Digital: A Comparative Study is more Effective with Video Tutorials

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I know well that most of my readers who are in Electronics study face somewhere lost in their course when it comes to the question of understanding the core functioning of Digital Circuits. Especially when it’s about deciphering the oppositions of Analog to Digital circuits, the brain gets more twisted like a circuit than ever before.

When such is the case, a live video tutorial is essentially helpful as it can minimize the pain involved in understanding the crucial functioning of Logic Gates, different variable of Karnaugh Maps or CMOS. An affordable subscription to the video tutorial packages can render value to your Electronics learning.

Fundamental Facts of Digital Electronics:

Digital circuits and systems are considered to be the foundation of electrical engineering. Digital circuits functions using digital and discrete signals. These circuits are usually made combining transistors and logic gates, and at higher levels, with the combination of microcontrollers or other computing chips. Mostly the processor, whether it’s a big processor in your computer or tiny microcontroller, operate in the digital territory.

Analog vs. Digital Circuits:

It is obvious that the way Analog and Digital electronics process a signal is different as the information encoding system is different in them. Here I have included a comparison chart to make easy understanding the apparent disparity between Analog and Digital electronics.



Signal Analog signal is built with constant signal which represents physical measurements Digital signals are distinct time signals produced by digital modulation
Waves Signified by sine waves Signified by square waves
Representation Uses continuous series of values to indicate information Uses discrete or irregular values to indicate information
Technology Analog technology accounts waveforms as they are Illustrates analog waveforms into a partial set of numbers and accounts them
Data transmissions Subjected to decline by noise throughout transmission and write/read cycle Can be noise-resistant without decline throughout transmission and write/read cycle
Response to Noise More possible to get affected dropping accurateness Less affected given that noise response are analog in character

Seek Help from Online Video Tutorials to Learn Digital Electronics:

It is quite difficult to find a tutorial that gives minute explanations with practical demonstration on various arrays of electronics. Learn Digital Electronics Tutorials available online which are generally intended to retain the structure similar to a professional course. The video tutorials are comprised of almost all types of devices and circuits from very basic to advance. They are made clear and easy to grasp with modern informal style. Thus, put together fun and quality, these online video tutorials are best to learn electronics.

Learning Karnaugh Map Made Easy with Digital Electronics Video Tutorials

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Even a few years ago when computer-aided tools did not become a part of our everyday life, engineering still was not dependant on EDA tools like simulators and logic synthesis. Back then students used to make out their designs as gate-level schematics using pencil and paper. These DIY techniques in a way made them rather good for things like logic minimization, and one of these techniques was Karnaugh maps.

Karnaugh maps vs. the Modern Technology

Nowadays with the emerging availability of computer-aided tools like logic synthesis, Karnaugh maps are perhaps one of the most underused tools in the electronics industry. But whether you need it or not, it is always a suggested to understand basic techniques, because you never know when you will feel the need of something from first principles.

What is a Karnaugh map?

To put in one simple statement, the ‘Karnaugh map’, also known as the ‘K-map’, is a method to simplify Boolean algebra expressions. Its history tells us that it was first originated by Maurice Karnaugh who introduced it in 1953 as a refinement of Edward Veitch’s 1952 Veitch diagram.

Karnaugh maps are predominantly used for their ability to resolve race conditions by adding redundant logic terms that “overlap” adjoining groups. But once again, this sort of thing is handled by logic synthesis these days, but as I told earlier that you never know when you might need to understand this fundamental stuff.

Learn Digital Electronics Tutorials to understand Karnaugh map better

Now, the question arises at first, why we need video tutorials. The technical study of a crucial subject like Digital Electronics requires understanding of its core functioning. To serve this particular purpose, these video tutorials are made. They are the vivid source of useful information on varied topics of Digital Electronics like Karnaugh map.

Video tutorials also allow students to get video tutorials on digital electronics by a monthly subscription at a very affordable price. Video tutorials have now become an important part to students because they add an extra dimension to learning, whether recorded or live, that makes a student’s educational experience more valuable. Transforming a classroom setting to a live scene, these videos add different perspectives and mechanisms that students might not be able to take advantage of in their regular textual learning.

How to Manage Stress during Your MBA

images (1)Business schools may incorporate success, grit and skills in your life. But, it also attracts stress—the necessary evil lurking behind the badge of honour. Being an MBA candidate is stressful. In fact, it is very stressful.

It all starts with the anxiety of a pending approval, the stress of getting accepted. Then it turns into the ceaseless pressure of staying ahead in class and finally, the rush for getting a job. Above all, MBA is a filthy expensive degree for many. Students burn midnight oil to finish their lengthy dissertation along with education loan tightening around the neck.

Academic stress has a formidable existence in a student’s life. American College Counselling Association in 2012 reported that almost 37% of college students suffer from acute psychological problems. A survey was conducted on 228 counsellors; more than 75% of them arrived at the same conclusion. For the last 5 years, there has been a steady growth in major crises calling for immediate attention. 42% noticed a rising number of self-injury while 24% have witnessed a swell in eating disorders.

How to get rid of stress and optimize your on-campus life in a cool, calm and collected manner?

Technique #1 Keep a “De-Stress Journal”. Spot the stressor and weed it out. List at least 10 different things that generate stress and try to alleviate them. Compile a list of the people, objects and occurrences that unsettle you. If you cannot entirely steer clear of them, try to invent ways to minimize the stress associated with them. For example, if a classmate’s obnoxious sense of humour upsets you, try to avoid his/her company.

Technique #2 Make realistic commitments. An MBA student needs to strike “work-life” equilibrium. So, be it an optional assignment, or friends, party, part-time job, hobbies among a lot other things—trace how much stress each element in your life involves. Accept your limitations and do not make empty promises which swing back at you as a stress Boomerang. Be bluntly honest to yourself and others. Say ‘yes’ to only what you can actually execute.

Technique #3 Don’t give procrastination another chance. MBA Students are largely found to pile up assignment after assignment till the eleventh hour. Marketing Management, Economics, Finance and Statistics are quite demanding subjects. Unless you start writing early, you cannot expect to wave a magic wand and finish your 15,000 word dissertation writing in time! Allowing the syllabus to accumulate till the deadline looms uncomfortably close is a common mistake we all fall prey to. Cultivate a “do-it” attitude to fight off stress.

Technique #4 Clear up your desk. Clutters, and crumpled papers, open assignments and notes littered haphazardly can hinder your urge for getting things done in time. A disorganized desk or even a messed up folder lists in your laptop can be depressing. Don’t let it turn into a way of life. Make a breathing space for your creativity. You’ll be surprised to experience the outcome, how calm and relaxed you feel when things are in order.

Technique #5 A cup of warm tea can considerably ease up the tension. Try not to indulge in energy drinks or coffee. A large amount of caffeine may make you feel instantly better as they generate a short-term jolt in blood pressure. But, they don’t practically relieve you. It only prompts your hypothalamic-adrenalin-pituitary link to get overcharged, which attracts no benefit in the long run. But green tea is healthy as it contains a moderate amount of caffeine and antioxidants. It will help you gulp down your stress to some extent as well as rendering you hale and hearty.

Technique #6 Splash come cold water in your face when you sense the “stress-o-meter” is shooting higher than normal. Drink lots of water to soothe your heated nerves. This is an on-spot, proactive solution to tackle an MBA interview or a group discussion. Water flushes out the harmful toxins which has a relaxing impact on the body and the muscles.

Technique #7 Get active. Craft a fitness regime. Of course it’s impossible to go surfing or trekking in the middle of a semester when your head is crammed with “Finance Statement Analysis” and “Reward Management”. But at least, hit a local gym once in a while. Or, breathe fresh air in the open. Online games don’t count. But, when nothing else is available, they can also provide a comic relief when you’re facing a stressful situation.

Several stress factors can vitally damage a student’s potential. Students should always be encouraged to consult health professionals and educators to excel in academic sphere. An MBA degree is meant to enhance the managerial skills of a candidate. How do you expect to manage an organization unless you can deftly manage your own stress? It’s your call.

Dakota Wesleyan grows its online education with MBA

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Catching up on the growing trend of online degrees, Dakota Wesleyan University, along with resuming their regular classes in a week’s time, has also initiated its first graduate business administration program, and by this year spring will also start off a new online degree completion program.

The newly launched program is targeting a particular audience and will serve the purpose for the work field professionals, according to the course spearheading officials of college.

What the education specialists are realizing is that it is an ongoing procedure and doesn’t end as soon as you graduate. It is a very vital and essentially important part as we keep learning things that are necessary for our professional life and career.

According to DWU President Amy Novak, the interest in the graduate level education generated from the business leaders in the region who wish to start their businesses, whether small or mid scale. The thing with most of the MBA programs is that they are course modeled after the large business enterprises whereas the business owners in and around South Dakota usually have their own family owned business which are not really huge scale.

The professors who are taking care of the courses come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries who know how to put into practical use the education they impart to the students. DWU takes pride in the fact that it has been able to work out a balance in the way it teaches its students to have a real world experience along with concrete education.

The people who teach the courses are from the workplace and they are equally educated so that they can handle both the business as well as educative aspect of the course.

What the course makers are trying to build is a complete expert in the area of marketing. Handling the branding side, strategic side and distribution side will make the student’s perspective quite broader.

Focusing on the practical aspect is yet another difference the MBA program at Dakota Wesleyan has from other programs in other universities. Usually the programs have a theoretical approach to studies but what the professors at DWU focus on is how to apply these ideas for their daily job scenarios.

The programs provided online include traditional reading and writing aspects of education but along with them; the students get projects and other realistic analysis with the online homework help for finance assignments are assigned or practical situations they are given. The professors who are from business backgrounds make sure the students learn application of all the concepts and theories they learn.

The best academic writing online

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Factors that lead to choosing a particular essay writing service online are many. The main concern for anyone thinking of hiring their services should be to get the value for their money properly and not be left with an essay that fails to live up to one’s expectation.  If not careful, one can be provided with an essay that may have been already handed by some other student last year, which will result in the work being discarded when the students tries to hand it in.

Reviews are based on what other prior customers have experienced while they have used the services of a particular website. These can come in very handy while trying to find the services of such online companies.

One useful feature of such websites should be that they need to provide 24/7 customer service and they should properly work all the time. A deadline is what needs to be fulfilled and the website should keep that in mind as they take on an assignment.

The writer should be easily available if the client wishes to be in touch with them.

Essay write-up samples should also be available as they work as a judging parameter for a website’s standard of work. Clients can also request for a rough draft of the work the writer is supposed to hand in as that reassures a client as the assignment for them is a pretty important thing and they need to be updated on the ways their work is being done.

Students do prefer affordable charges as living on a budget they need the assignment writing services online to not poke a hole in their purse but what should be ascertained is that the website doesn’t charge a little too less as that might be a direct indication of some really substandard level of work.

The finer nuances of writing an effective scholarship essay

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Anyone with a good knowledge of words loves to write or portray a story using their power of writing. Writers can be of any kind and would love to write on topics ranging from fiction, social, political to any other area. And for students who are enthused about taking up writing, writing a scholarship essay would be the best way to start.

Writing may or may not be your forte, but it can be still useful in getting the needed insight for subjects like language, literature, art, or even business writing. Students are offered scholarships through several private sources as well as by colleges for proving their excellence in business or writing of any kind. And since applying for any scholarship will need you to write a scholarship essay and you can improve upon your already withstanding practice of writing.

So what should a student be good at if they want to win a scholarship by writing an essay? They need to provide an essay as a sample which will be the judging factor for their style and quality. And apart from that, scholarships also take into account academic performances of students.

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Almost all scholarship essays require one to be familiar with the varied styles of formal and informal writing of essays and at times the competition decides who is to be awarded the scholarship. And even if you think you might not be good enough for every competitive scholarship but you do have good practice through college. Try working on your grammar and vocabulary a bit and it will automatically reflect on your writing and thus enhance your profile.

There are a few things you need to ensure when applying for scholarship writing. Pay attention to your writing style and keep track of clarity, concept and a well devised out way of communicating your point across to the readers as these will be the top factors in determining how good your essay is. Practice sure makes perfect, and so ensure you do it and start early by writing on any topic that you come across, social issue, classic or management issues.

A hard earned career based on writing can have options which may include writer, journalists, editor, or even creative departments of the publications or advertising agencies. And those who are interested in exploring the creative side to their personalities can opt for travel magazines or any other specific magazines of their choice.

Thus applying for scholarship can help one in a lot many ways by helping them win a scholarship for studying and thus build a career in any field they want to. There are several options for students in every field of study and they can really hit it sky high with their subjects.