Potential tech tools that can dramatize education

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With technology making a breakthrough in education, the latest industry trends have caught up within the classroom and with the advent of new developments every other day; advanced IT tools propagate learning through its use. The following is what the annual EDUCAUSE conference lists as the trending topics in educational technology.

  • Research has shown that a well facilitated campus Wi-Fi connection is an important factor a staggering number of students consider when applying for college. Providing considerable coverage is essential for colleges and to ensure it doesn’t strain the IT infrastructure, schools need to charge a standard amount from the students.
  • Social Media is a turnaround concept for higher education and students use it extensively for their private purposes as well as for academic purposes. The basics of documents or video sharing for education have come up as primary reasons for which students actively take the help of social networking websites.
  • Source: bit.ly/1pUqhjI

    Analyzing student retention for business has rapidly come up as another decision inducing factor for some of the top colleges.

  • Although relatively new and yet to find a proper marketplace, Google glass can be a potentially favourable device for learning by presenting information much like a Smartphone, albeit in a hands free fashion.
  • 3D printing and scanning has also found a place in the academic curriculum. Though more in demand for art, engineering and the design fields, schools are showing an increase in interest towards 3D printers in general.
  • Propagating digital courseware such as CBE (Competency based Education) and adaptive learning are further tools in high quality education. Under these, students are allowed to develop their abilities based on their own pace which stimulates a more lasting understanding of topics. Several colleges have taken up the CBE process of teaching for their students.
  • Small Private Online Courses are another developing scope in education and they provide small but relevant courses on placement and training, remedial sessions and professional training.
  • Virtual Reality is a potentially revolutionizing concept that can give a brand new look to education. Creating the learning environment virtually will certainly boost up the understanding the core concepts of the topics. According to calculative research, Virtual reality can be a major factor in education sooner than the forthcoming decade.

Innovation is the keyword for Information Technology. It is developing at a rate faster than ever before and it is essential that the development in all phases as is happening, serves the purpose for which it is meant ultimately.

Article Source: huff.to/1DL7tUL


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