Know How Cell Phone Detector Works


Lately googled George Clooney’s wedding? He requested his guests to put off their cells and cams just to place their supremely felicitous photos in ‘Vogue’. Not only celebs, common people want privacy too. A detector saves you of unwanted ogles.

Cell phone is the widespread electronics device—the easiest access to world communication these days. It’s a wonder how rapidly technology has brought it into play. What a mobile phone does is to deliver and accept signals of 0.9- 3 GHz frequency. Electronics tutorials available online shows you how you can detect an activated cell near you if you can design a circuit that can detect signals—it is also called a ‘sniffer’. It can track down a cell phone almost a metre away.

What Do You Need to Detect Cell Phone Signals?

Schottky diode can be used in a circuit to sense the signal transmitted by a cell phone. This diode has the unique potential sense cell signals pretty well, capable of rectifying low frequency ones with lower rate of noise. Electronics video tutorial can give you instructions on how you put an inductor near the source of RF signal, and then due to mutual induction, it can sense the signal. Schottky diode can rectify the signal now.

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      When a metal object is kept in the path where radio wave is passing, EM field induce AC currents of the same frequency of charged electrons.

    • When a mobile is half a metre near the loop, and the cell is being used to put radio wave on the air—that is to say, when it’s making a phone call or texting, the wave comes across the loop.
    • It directs s voltage to cross the antenna of the loop
    • To power the LED, the loop has to be resonant—size of one wavelength.
    • Any expert video tutorial on Electronics can educate you how the appropriate loop causes low reactance and good power between the LED and radio wave
    • As the detector is adequately close, the LED lights up.

Where Do You Need to Trace Cell Phone Signals?

Cell phone detectors have various practical applications.

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        There’s a lot of place that needs participants to remain silent! In exam halls if someone resorts to “unfair means” keeping phone silent to prevent getting caught, this circuit will catch him/her instantly. Even in meeting or a conference which needs to maintain confidentiality, can make use of cell phone trackers.

      • A cell phone ‘sniffer’ can put a stop to unauthorized capture of photo/video. A great aid to prevent piracy.
      • It also helps to trace stolen phones. Even in prisons inmates surreptitiously use cell phones. To get rid of this problem, mobile signal ‘sniffers’ come handy. Online electronics video tutorial can teach you how to get the signal correctly in the antenna.

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