How to Recycle Electronics Items


You don’t have to trash away your old electric gadgets any more. Donate them to make re-usable. In an age when the Earth from suffering irrecoverable loss of natural resources, you can do your share of recovery. Small electronics appliances are easy to recycle now.

In 2011, Unites States Recycling Industry took care of 4 million tons of second-hand, dead electronics appliances. Above 70% of such used devices are re-usable. Recovering materials from them as steel, copper, aluminium—extracting from these trashed items and using them in new product. Electronics video tutorials put on display how to repair or refurbish a previously owned product and make it ready to sell.

Facts about E-Waste


EPA or US Environment protection Agency has reported that the every year, 1 percent of the entire country’s 210 million-tons solid waste is E-waste. The amount of digital electronics waste is increasing all over the world. With the rapid increase of digital electronics usage all over the world, online electronics video reveals a shocking figure of 220 tons of gadgets and PCs being trashed in the landfills—which poses a dangerous threat to the future.

Users change computers every 3-5 years and the gap between their old and new gadgets are rapidly closing. That is to say, people are more prone to change their digital items as quickly as they can afford. What’s more disturbing is– 130 millions cell phones had been dumped in 2005, heaping up to 65,000 million tons E-wastes. The numbers are alarmingly shooting upward.

How harmful are Digital Electronics Material?

When you chuck your TV or computer parts into the environment without a care, it can be hazardous. They contain plastic and are not bio-degradable. To our dismay, old-day’s heavy TV and PC carry the 4 pounds lead along with other toxic materials as cadmium, mercury, chromium etc. They can harm the nature quicker than we imagine. So, recycling solution relieves your area of this problem. Recycle smartly utilizes materials like aluminium, glass, copper extracting out of your old items.

What Small Electronics are recyclable?

Anything, all your old toys including smart phones, digital cameras, DVD player, TV accessories, computer parts etc. You can also sell and buy some electronics items that has been used before and currently lying useless at home. Many online retail services furnish the options to connect a buyer on the Internet, if the stuff’s still in a working condition. Learn recycling solutions from online electronic video tutorials and give second life to your old electronic plaything.


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