10 Ways to Have a Grand Home Theatre Experience

Source: bit.ly/1xWeyUe

Your TV Experience sucks. Thanks to bunch of cables, huge boxes, poorly-handled connections, endless outputs, input that you have no idea how to deal with. It’s a dreaded job each time to call up for help and snub-nosed mechanics that don’t show up for such “petty issues”.

But, to tell you the truth, it’s no giant work. Home theatre set-up is easier when you have a glimpse of guidelines by digital Electronics video tutorial to check if everything’s well-connected so that your channels runs smooth and you make the most of the system. Do away with the hassles and optimize your cinema experience.

Speaker Positions Simple Guidelines

Follow our electronics tutorial to position your speakers strategically to have the best home theatre experience.

  • Source: bit.ly/1yPXAUl

    If you want the best sound quality, understand the position and role ideally assigned to each speaker. Select the centre of room.

  • Position the speaker’s angles at this focal point. If you’re sitting, the height of the Front Right and left speakers should be kept in ear’s level—45 degree angle form the central seat. It widens the range of sound, surrounding you with the thrill of the big screen.
  • Centre Channel Speaker should be placed either below the display or above.
  • Surround Right/Left speakers should be kept at least 2 and a half feet higher than the viewer. This covers the room with strong special effects.
  • If you have several Sub-woofers, place them on the walls—exactly at the middle. And if you have only one Sub, hang it on the front wall—the screen direction.

Tune Speakers to Boost Sound

Even if you follow the rules mentioned above, you may not get the best of what your speakers might offer. Because, one room may not be similar to the other.

  • You have to give it a listen quite a few times to familiarize with the speakers position, angles and height.
  • Online Electronics video tutorials would suggest you to experiment by repositioning to enhance the sound kick of a home theatre.

Clear Way

  • Make sure that no piece of furniture blocks the path between the centre viewer’s seat and the speakers. The path should be unobstructed.
  • Keep the walls dark to have a rich visual delight. Keeping walls dark and windowless would make you real room fade into black when you dive in the cinema world.
  • Acoustic panels to soundproof the room can give a groovy sound quality completely obliterating the noise and commotion from the world outside. In addition, your neighbours would not complain!

So, pamper your senses with the chill of booming sound system and keep checking electronics video tutorials for more fun stuff. Happy movie-time!


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