What Career to Choose after Electronics Engineering Study?

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Electrical engineers have career prospects in plenty. Electronics technician with “associate’s degree” in USA earns more than 57 thousand dollars. USA pays incredibly handsome sum to engineers. In Australia, unemployment for aspiring electrical engineers drops below average—the salary increases year after year. Career forecast favours engineers as job growth will rise in 2015-16. Digital electronics video tutorial can also help immensely to be prepared for the shinning future ahead. Similarly UK industry needs more engineer graduates to fill their vacancies.

The reason is quite simple. Electronics power up modern society. Electrical engineers and technicians are needed every day to maintain the enormous networks, circuits and systems. Obviously engineers armed with Electrical knowledge have ushered in a new era of advanced technology in 21st century and this is obviously the one of the most prominent degrees of our time.

Most favoured Employment Sectors for Electronics Engineers

Job sectors where electrical engineers dominate are:

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  • Research/ technology
  • Manufacturing electrical products
  • Hardware/software creation
  • Transport networks development/maintenance
  • Power Supply/maintenance
  • Healthcare

The jobs you’re likely to engage in there are various—you can develop computers, software or maintain hardware. You can also apt for taking care of communication equipments for media. Healthcare sector might recruit you for keeping devices fit for medical monitoring. With an associate’s degree you can also be hired for product evaluating and testing. You may require to measure and adjust equipments.

Electric Engineer Specialization

Of course the job you’ll plump for depends largely on your specialization. Most electronics engineering degree gives you a chance to opt for several specific fields. In general, engineering degree provides you with topics of electronics study as—generation and supply of power. You learn to deal with Electrostatic and Magnetostatic charges. Electronics Science syllabus may also include—analog and digital technology, wireless technology, network theory, computer programming etc. Paying attention to the basic is an essential need of electronics studies. Online video tutorial on Digital Electronics can benefit you more to have practical applications for your project.

For handling electronics science specialization, students need Technical expertise on related topic. General knack for IT, aptitude to deal with numbers. In addition, to be a successful engineer, you also have to have professional communication skills to enhance your potential to be spotted. You need to be comfortable with technical diagrams as well.


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