5 Best Electronics Features of Infrared Remote Fans

Source: bit.ly/1s4l8AY

With modern world’s consumption of power growing more and more, Launch of a super smart home appliance that saves energy is always welcome. The newly launched super-efficient fans have a positive influence on the market for its eco-friendly appeal. Online electronics video tutorial services can enhance our learning on such electronics systems. We’d here dissect the features of “Superfan” manufactured by Indian electrical appliance company Versa Drives Pvt. Let’s take a look at its amazing features that set it apart from ordinary electric fans.

  • The secret behind the efficiency of Super-fans is that they use an electronics motor different than usual—BLDC (Brushless DC). Typical fans in earlier times consisted of single phase Electric Motor (Induction). They carried more aluminum, and less use of copper made them cheaper. But actually aluminum made it inefficient.


  • Source: bit.ly/1vpeJjY

    Efficiency is determined by use of electricity. Interestingly, the electricity requirement of the fan is very low—30-35 watts. We’re talking about 50% less electricity burning than regular fans here. Most fans in the past burnt 70 Watts in average.


  • The super ceiling fans deliver almost 230 m3 per minute regular delivery of air—performance as fast as a regular ceiling fan. But unlike Versa efficient fans, they tend to be the ones with more showy, luxurious style—with more emphasis on air circulation than air delivery.


  • In the inner side, it contains a back-iron rotor made of arc segments. A video tutorial on electronics can show you the inverter and control system which is micro-control based with a motor-controlling frame ware implanted in the BLDC motor. It renders the electronics system with better protection and machine control. How it works is simple. Te controller can sense the position of rotor and ensures a reliable start. So it cuts off the necessity of an extra sensor.


  • Superfans by Versa operate in a good width of voltage range. The design is trendy and soothing on the eye. It has three variants in the market.—available in different curves, colors. It can run with or without an infrared remote control. These types, on the whole, are devised for different applications. Their performance also varies according to the room type. SuperA1 model is more suitable for hospitals, workplace, classrooms and bedrooms with least noise, and SuperX1/X7 is aimed at delivering more air in small rooms and workplaces (individual). For strong, wide air circulation in banquet halls, halls and conference room, SuperV1/V7 is a great buy.

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