Advent of technology and how traditional schooling can survive


If the recent Digital Economy Summit panel discussion at Georgia, Atlanta is anything to go by, the technological changes are luring the people more and more and because of that, the role of teachers might get undermine din the process and it is best if they alter their roles accordingly.

Experts say that teachers are going to face a tough time soon finding a foothold in the education system and it is important they know how their relevance can be kept intact in the midst of the technological advancement. Using their skills to help students find what they need is the most profitable way they can work.

Education policy makers want to know ways of teaching using technology and several students are already resorting to online methods to study. A brand new education network is on its way to be built even though the classical mindset of a posh classroom work setting is still alive.


Much of that is to do with the internet which is providing avenues for students to know things wider than what their syllabus is covering. It is making network companies to invest more and more for homes and neighbourhood connections. Jobs are being created through technology just like what Boston Red Sox is doing with technological systems that help the Boston organization. Wielding data is also an important role the technology is undertaking.

Crowd funding is yet another use these websites are used for, raising money for business and charity work. Apparently, churches have been using crowd funding for years without giving a name to it. People are finding this an improved, better and faster way to get help regarding any aid they might need.

The panel also discussed on what is called the MakerSpace, which is an online community that helps to create and share projects in robotics, drone, 3D and printing amongst others. The panel participants questioned on knowing ways of getting the children involved and addressing important questions.

Teachers who are facing the heat due to technology, one great way to balance it out is to devise out new models for their students. Know the right tools you can sue and use them well. When technology is incorporated in the classroom it helps making it interesting for students as they learn through a tool which they already know of and enjoy. Using technology in a professional and constructive way will have a positive career impact. This will also help them improve upon things easily and get an understanding of the whole online working process.

The education system has to be reviewed and managed well in order to reach a point of sustainability for both of the aspects. Technology is here to stay, and progress with each day and students are forever going to need teachers, one way or the other. So it is important both know how to co-exist, and improve upon the education system as a whole.


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