An Introduction to Power Factor Correction—for Beginners

PF (Power Factor) is a vital topic in the introductory study of AC circuit theory. Although it looks simple when you take a cursory glance, students often misunderstand the concept and apply it inappropriately without a clear understanding of the definition. Free AC circuit video tutorial can clarify our doubts on different techniques of Power Factor Correction.


By definition of PF, in an AC source, it’s the ratio of original power (measured in watts), flowing towards the load, to power which appears to flow in the circuit. So, exactly Real: Apparent. The current and voltage produce apparent power.

Why PFC Needed in Electronics Devices

Power Factor Correction definitely hits a high score in modern electronics market, and looks forward to a great future, due to a several factors– high performance, the cost of magnetic material and copper escalating higher, and the cost of semiconductor reducing. Therefore, Power Factor Correction calls attention for cost-effective, favorable electronics solutions. It enhances the efficiency and performance of a power system, compensates for basic reactive power those issues from or consumed into the loads (capacitive or inductive). The utility of PFC techniques lay in the manufacture of highly reliable, low cost electronics products with increase of “switching loads.”

Types of PFC Active Controller Chips


Basically Power factor Correction is utilized with three types of controller chip variants—according to various types of use.

Power Factor Correction Applications in Low-priced, “Switch mode” System

PFC has the potential to improve control-circuitry efficiency in major consumer electronics products—industrial to domestic. This includes DVD, TV, audio player, IT products as printers, PC, Laptop, Fax machine. Motor Drives, cooking electronics appliances as microwaves and induction cooktop, LED, and any other devices that need power conversion. It not only boosts the availability of such end-user products but also trims down electricity-usage cost at large. PFC techniques are thus made easy with Free circuit theory tutorial video that spells out different functions of AC circuit control, the various aspects of network theorem with good illustrations.


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