5 Best Techniques to Learn Circuit Theory

Why Do We need to Study Circuit Theory?

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Ok. So, network topology, diagrams, electrical network all are giving you a rough time. You didn’t see it coming when you decided to take up Electronics Science? But it has nothing to do with your understanding of the subject, to be blunt honest. It’s just the tedious pages and dull lectures, very little chance of real-life applications that dry the fun as hay.

AC and DC basic circuit theory connect the entire world. Modern telecommunication largely depends on numbers and networks. Mathematical analysis and quantitative skills are essential parts of learning circuits. All students and aspiring engineers need to have a clear idea on this topic or their learning would be rendered futile in common life applications.

How to Learn AC/DC Circuit Theory Easily

  • The real problem in conventional Tech class is that of instructions. They have a formulated approach to electronics studies. It cannot build a clear, consistent conceptual framework. So you have to emulate models and focus on how to connect ideas. The relationships and distinction between one concept with the other.
  • Source: bit.ly/1xaS3s3

    Only math won’t help.  Lay focus on reasoning. Yes. This is a pathetic error that schools have neglected for generation after generation. Only solving equations and checking answers given in the book stagnates the flow of the applications of circuit theory in real projects. Rather, try to handle the equipments—which are safer to deal with. Check circuit project tutorial and join expert electronics forum for help.  Present your finding verbally.

  • Traditional classrooms do little to brush up your analytical skills. So as long as you have to stick to your on-campus course outline, you have to cultivate your reasoning for better performance. Along with your learning of basic electronics theory, etch in your studied concepts somewhere else, a slot for online discussion.
  • Practice. Not just exercising question books. Repeated practice and relating physics to everyday life. Relating the circuit theories to real world phenomenon makes perception clearer.
  • Basic Circuits Theory video tutorial also helps a great deal to absorb the Technology you’re taught in class advanced with ample illustrations and diagrams. It gives you an extra edge among your peers diving into the vast realm of electronics.


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