Dakota Wesleyan grows its online education with MBA

Source: bit.ly/1B9CRPa

Catching up on the growing trend of online degrees, Dakota Wesleyan University, along with resuming their regular classes in a week’s time, has also initiated its first graduate business administration program, and by this year spring will also start off a new online degree completion program.

The newly launched program is targeting a particular audience and will serve the purpose for the work field professionals, according to the course spearheading officials of college.

What the education specialists are realizing is that it is an ongoing procedure and doesn’t end as soon as you graduate. It is a very vital and essentially important part as we keep learning things that are necessary for our professional life and career.

According to DWU President Amy Novak, the interest in the graduate level education generated from the business leaders in the region who wish to start their businesses, whether small or mid scale. The thing with most of the MBA programs is that they are course modeled after the large business enterprises whereas the business owners in and around South Dakota usually have their own family owned business which are not really huge scale.

The professors who are taking care of the courses come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries who know how to put into practical use the education they impart to the students. DWU takes pride in the fact that it has been able to work out a balance in the way it teaches its students to have a real world experience along with concrete education.

The people who teach the courses are from the workplace and they are equally educated so that they can handle both the business as well as educative aspect of the course.

What the course makers are trying to build is a complete expert in the area of marketing. Handling the branding side, strategic side and distribution side will make the student’s perspective quite broader.

Focusing on the practical aspect is yet another difference the MBA program at Dakota Wesleyan has from other programs in other universities. Usually the programs have a theoretical approach to studies but what the professors at DWU focus on is how to apply these ideas for their daily job scenarios.

The programs provided online include traditional reading and writing aspects of education but along with them; the students get projects and other realistic analysis with the online homework help for finance assignments are assigned or practical situations they are given. The professors who are from business backgrounds make sure the students learn application of all the concepts and theories they learn.